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Eminent Director Shri. Mani Ratnam delivering his speech at Muybridge film school Inaugural ceremony

Director of Photography, Shri. P.C Sreeram speaks about Muybridge film institute Inaugural function.

Muybridge Film School

Cinematography Institute in Chennai

Father of Motion Picture Photography

“The art of cinematography is nothing but the art of painting with light”... but artistry apart, cinematography is also a highly technical field. Cinematography is a mixture of art and science. It is the cinematographer who becomes the ‘eye’ of the director, transforming his vision into unforgettable images.

Edward Muybridge was an English photographer who developed a miraculous process for capturing movement on film, laying the groundwork for the motion picture industry. His contribution spurred the works of other inventors, including Thomas Alva Edison.

Inspired by his contribution to art and photography, the institution took on the name Muybridge Film School.

Dr. Padma bhushan Kamal hassan, Eminent Cinematographer Mr.P.C.Sreeram & Mr.G.P.Krishna in the making of the Film “Nayagan”.

Cinematography Courses at Muybridge

Courses in cinematography teach students, visual story telling, lighting methods and techniques, camera techniques, scene composition and working with a film crew, all of which are integral to cinematographer's career.

Learning is made interesting and intensive at Muybridge Film School. Structure and syllabus at Muybridge, which has been carefully developed, makes even the most complex issues in cinematography understandable.

Capturing an image is a craft, while capturing the soul is an art.

The faculty at Muybridge is highly qualified. Our faculty has gained substantial teaching experience in the Film Institute tempered by work experience in the commercial film industry. Muybridge Film Institute brings these years of experience together and combines them with a tailor-made, intensive curriculum.

We at Muybridge will make learning an experience that will last a lifetime.

Film Institute in Chennai

In the Muybridge Film Institute Chennai, the knowledge base encompasses lenses, exposure, composition, continuity, editorial needs, lighting, the language of the camera, even the basic elements of story structure. The job is storytelling with the camera, and the more you know about the elements of that art the better you will be able to assist the director in accomplishing those goals.

Telling a story on film is not just about recording the action. But it is also about how the images are captured. Film making began to flourish and became more sophisticated, the need to separate responsibilites was more apparent. So the role of cinematographer was created.

Best infrastructure, experienced faculty to help you, make your dream comes true at Muybridge Film Institute in Chennai.

It should also be noted that the relationship between director and cinematographer can also greatly influence the look of the film.

Our mission is to provide a superior cinematography education through accelerated, hands on learning...    Muybridge,
Film Institute in Chennai encourage students to grow as visual storytellers, to realize their personal artistic visions and to maintain creative autonomy.

Film Schools in Chennai

Why Muybridge ?

An exclusive film institute to learn cinematography from basics. Every program will be intensive learning with hands on practice.

Muybridge is a school by artists for artists. The faculty at Muybridge film Institute is highly qualified and has gained substantial experience in the Government Film Institute.

Dean Mr. GP Krishna has not only worked in the film industry but also has spent 32 years of teaching cinematography in MGR Government Film and Television Institute, Chennai. The film institute gave GP Krishna, the opportunity to share his creativity and technical knowledge with aspiring cinematographers of the future.

Muybridge Film Institute has excellent relationships with leading cinematographers in the film industry.

Direction & Screenplay Writing at Muybridge Film Institute

Muybridge not only makes the students to learn art and craft of cinematography, but also supports to learn direction and screenplay writing. Muybridge offers unique opportunities to learn the aesthetics, craft and technique of film direction and screenplay writing from conceptualization to the final completion of a film. Students are encouraged to explore the various narrative forms both in fiction and documentary film making.

Subject outline:

  • The evolution and history of cinema
  • Film analysis and film appreciation
  • The language and grammer of cinema.
  • Techniques of screenplay writing.
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