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Teaching cinematography is unique. It takes a deep understanding of technology and art; one always supports the other. The faculty and technicians at Muybridge Film Institute impart this knowledge and inspire the student. Realizing one’s dream to become a cinematographer can become a reality only by acquiring discipline and training.

Muybridge Film School works towards imparting cinematographic skills to each student. Muybridge is committed to offering students the best training process in the hands of experienced faculty from the film industry.

Eminent Cinematographer Mr. P.C.Sreeram's Speech at Annual Day Celebrations at Government Film Institute.
masters of cinematography-who teach here

Cinematography is writing with light in motion and the cinematographer is the principle author of this literature. When making a film, the cinematographer translates the vision of the director into story telling visuals.


A physics graduate from Pachayappa’s college G.P.Krishna joined the Government institute of film technology, Chennai and learnt cinematography. After completing the course G.P.Krishna started his professional journey with the legendary cinematographer P.C.Sreeram from his first film “Vaa indha pakkam” till the national award winning film "Nayagan" and "Apoorva Sagodharargal".

These years with P.C.Sreeram gave G.P.Krishna the insight to master his work and mature into a real professional artist. As independent cinematographer G.P.Krishna worked with K.Rajeshwar for the first film “Nyaya Tharaasu” from here there was no turning back.. . He has also worked on several documentaries & television commercials.

Notable among them are: Documentary entitled “Anna Vazhugirar” on the late Chief Minister of Tamilnadu C.N.Annadurai, produced by Films Division received the national award. Suhashini Maniratnam’s “Penn” produced by Madras Doordarshan, was well received for its technical and aesthetic content and won the best cinematographer award. A detailed film on the Ajanta and Ellora Caves and the Life of Buddha for Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation is running every day at the new visitors centre to keep visitors learn more about the cave’s history and many more.

G.P.Krishna has not only worked in the film industry but also has spent 32 years of teaching cinematography in the Government Film Institute, Chennai. the institute gave G.P.Krishna, the opportunity to share his creativity and technical knowledge with aspiring cinematographers of the future. Today his students are working in the film industry spanning the entire country. Few of them are eminent cinematographers like R.Rathnavel, R.D.Rajasekhar, Thangar Bachan, S.D.Vijay Milton, Manoj Paramahamsa and Vijay K Chakravarthi.

I can't think how anyone can become a director without learning the craft of cinematography.


Amshan Kumar is a national film award winning director. He has been active as a film critic for the past thirty five years contributing articles on Indian and world cinema. His book `Cinema Rasanai` written in 1990 is considered a pioneering work on film appreciation in Tamil and it is prescribed as a text in many Universities in Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry and Sri Lanka. A fully revised edition of the book was published in 2012. His book `Pesum Porchitram` is a collection of essays on cinema was published in 2010. Maatru Padangalum Maatru sindhanaigalum (Alternative Cinema and Alternative Thoughts) a collection of his recent articles on films in Tamil was published in 2013. He has conducted several workshops on film appreciation to different age groups and has been very active in the Film Society Movement in Tamil Nadu. He was a co-founder of 'Darshana' a film society in Coimbatore and served as an Associate editor for the magazine 'Salanam'.

He has made more than twenty five documentaries including Third Theatre, Modern Art in Tamilnadu, Mangrove Forests, Nobel Laureate C.V.Raman, U.Ve.Saminatha Iyer, Subramania Bharati and Manakkal S.Rangarajan. His first directorial feature film in Tamil 'Oruthi' selected for shown in Indian Panorama based on a short novel by the renowned writer Ki.Rajanarayanan. It won best film awards from Government of Pondicherry and Tamil Association of New Jersey. His latest documentary on the Thavil Maestro Yazhpanam Tedchanmoorthy has won him the national film award..

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